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Don’t we all wish for a lush green, drop-dead gorgeous lawn? But you need some amount of maintenance and hard work for it, otherwise, your lawn won’t appear as good. A dried-up, brown lawn with marks and all can never catch your attention. To make your lawn look that pretty, you can always use a handy commercial lawn spreader.

A lawn spreader is usually the easiest and effective equipment for maintaining your lawn or garden. Commercial Lawn spreaders are available in all kinds of different shapes and sizes embedded with the best features. Some of these are specifically designed for mini gardens whereas the others are meant for huge lawns.

Are you looking for a new Commercial Spreader? Well, you have arrived at the right place then! In this article, we have listed the top 8 Best Commercial Spreaders, to help you get the best one according to your needs.

In addition to this, you can also use the Heavy-Duty Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer UK to keep your lawn tidy and clean.

Our Ultimate Choices: Top 6 Best Commercial Spreader UK

1. Scotts EvenGreen Drop spreader

 Scotts EvenGreen Drop spreader uk reviews

If you wish to sow grass seeds, you need to sow them at a suitable temperature. The settings for applying lawn food and grass seed keep changing. This Best Lawn Spreader is easy to use, operated with bare hands, can be easily regulated, has an on and off switch, is easy to adjust, and simple to store. It is one of the best commercial spreaders uk for the utmost reliability operation in our top picks!

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  • You can use it along with a changeable bar for simple use and storage purpose
  • You can also use it for spreading various ever-changing, magical lawn care products and grass seeds
  • It has a simple, hand-driven and off switch and easy to use handlebars
  • You get a discount if you buy special lawn care and grass seed spreader along with it
  • It has all kinds of settings that can be used to apply the products and spread the seeds or fertilizer
  • It makes work easy for large, grand spaces, commercial spaces, large lawns and all


  • It isn’t rustproof
  • The mechanism needs oiling and greasing from time to time

2. Scotts EasyGreen spreader

Scotts EasyGreen Rotary spreader uk reviews

We like to recommend the Heavy-Duty Commercial Spreader UK which has a handlebar that can very easily be adjusted. You also store stuff that you wish to spread with the help of this best commercial spreader. You can use it with the same brand’s products. The material is built of a pure steel frame and has a plastic hopper as well as a Tank Material.

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  • It has the capability of feeding huge-sized lawns. It is convenient for full coverage of large areas
  • It comes completely assembled. So you won’t have to bear the headache of assembling it
  • To get the best results, you can use some of our evergreen lawn treatment products and grass seeds
  • It is also very easy to use. You will just have to fix the handle in an upright position, fill up the spreader, adjust it based on the products you are using
  • The settings can be easily read on the top of the package. You just need to read and follow
  • It can be used to treat large lawn areas, paddock areas, orchards, and even pasture lands
  • In case the space is small, you can spread all the seeds, powder, and fertilizer within a few minutes


  • It is a little delicate
  • This commercial spreader does not have any major cons as such

If you are fond of gardening and all, this will make your life easier and produce a lush green lawn with growing trees, plants, flowers, and fruits that are simply the best. It is the best lawn spreaders for professionals.

3. Scotts Evergreen Handy Spreader

Scotts EverGreen Handy Spreader uk reviews

It smoothens the process of applying granular lawn care products and grass seeds makes it our most recommended alternative. You can even use this Sturdy Grass Seed Spreader with your own hands. It’s all up to you as to what portion of land you want to cover, it’s simple to use, has easy settings, it makes spreading fertilizers simpler than you thought it could be.

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  • This makes the application process easier
  • It will provide you with proper arm support for improved comfort levels
  • It is simple to use and the settings are user friendly
  • These are heat resistant
  • You can keep them exposed outside in adverse weather conditions. Whether it is hot or cold, that does not matter
  • The material is solid and the spreader lasts for years without any problem


  • The mechanics of the spreader is defective
  • It is not scratch resistant

Rated as the best commercial spreader in a shoestring budget, Scotts EverGreen spreads the seeds around a diameter of 2 m. You can spread granules of all shapes and sizes. You’ll be more comfortable with it if the space is small, it might be a commercial space or a residential space.

4. EverGreen Wizz Year-Round Spreader

 EverGreen Wizz Year Round Spreader uk reviews

This is a Handy Best Lawn Spreader UK functioning with the help of a battery. It is extremely accurate and comes with 23 superb settings. It functions on the principle of a single touch, has a handy trigger lock, it can be used any time of the year for spreading out grass seed as well as fertilizer and salt. As per our team research, this is definitely the trustable brand for buying commercial spreader.

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  • It has all the essential features that are required in a commercial spreader
  • It can be used in all seasons
  • It does not get damaged because of harsh weather conditions
  • You can use it to easily spread grass, seeds, fertiliser, salts, minerals, and a lot more
  • It also has a hook for the simplicity of storage and is available with the best quality 4AA Duracell batteries
  • It is light, portable, and easy to store

The 4 double-A Duracell batteries used in this are easily available. The evergreen lawn spreaders are precise, they have 23 settings, a single, one-touch control along a flexible handy lock and edge guard. It is the best commercial spreader for year-round use.

5. Agri-Fab Push Type Broadcast Smart Spreader

 Agri-Fab AG45-0462 130lb Push Type Broadcast Smart Spreader uk reviews

This one is a simple machine that is extremely convenient to use. There is no lawn tractor and all required when you have this Most Effective Best Commercial Spreader UK. It remains safe from all kinds of corrosion, it has a poly hopper, professional controls for precise calibration of the rate at which it spreads, proper pneumatic tyres for traction as well as maneuverability. The capacity of the hopper in it is just 130 lbs. We found this product quite convenient as per our team analysis.

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  • This helps in the proper calibration of the speed and makes sure that the wastage remains minimal
  • This is a push-type broadcast smart rotary lawn spreader with a weight of 37 lbs and runs fast on a proper set of smooth wheels that roll without any hindrance while being mounted on wheels so that it can easily be pushed
  • The extended, large diameter of the wheels make it easy to push and it also provides proper friction on a mud-laden ground
  • It is specially constructed along with a closed commercial-grade gearbox as well as a corrosion-proof poly hopper
  • Poly hopper prevents the body of the commercial spreader from getting corroded
  • It is extremely light in weight and can be carried over large distances without any problem
  • This commercial spreader can spread gardening food across extremely large distances


  • It is difficult to assemble
  • Extreme and harsh weather conditions spoil the body of the commercial spreader

It has a proper Agri Fab Push Kind of Broadcast smart spreader with a professional control system that makes work simpler than you can imagine. This is one of the best lawn spreaders for spreading grass seed.

6. The Andersons Yard Star Broadcast Spreader

The Andersons Yard Star Walk-Behind Broadcast Best Commercial Spreader uk reviews

This Durable Commercial Spreader UK has a 3 hole drop shut-off system along with a proper adjustable drop rate making sure that the drop rate that can be fixed has a proper application. The great efficiency of 50 lb. The hopper capacity is huge, the load-bearing amount is perfect for fast application.

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  • The ergonomic handles are extremely convenient and comfortable to use by operators of different heights
  • The tires are pneumatic and the wide-set frame takes care of balanced weight distribution and complete terrain control
  • It can be used in all kinds of weather conditions throughout the year


  • The handles are not scratch proof
  • Improper handling might cause damage

As per our team research, this Andersons Yard Star Broadcast Spreader is a fantastic choice for beginners. You can spread granules of all shapes and sizes. You’ll be more comfortable with it if the space is small, it might be a commercial space or a residential space. That does not matter.

Bottom Line

You might wish to purchase a multi-purpose commercial spreader or the best grass seed spreader, there are various things to take into consideration before thinking about investing in a commercial lawn spreader.

Whether you want to speed up your new lawn, water your garden, fix your yard for problems like bug infestations and all, a fertiliser spreader is the best thing that can be used for lawn treatment. You can apply the best grass seed lime, insecticides, pest control, fungicides, and fertilizers with the help of efficient commercial spreaders. Manually, it takes very long, the results are not consistent and it makes you come in contact with the most dangerous as well as harmful chemicals.

A fertiliser spreader is capable of implementing any kind of lawn treatment. These machines apply every lawn care product. This keeps your yard luxurious, you don’t waste any of the granules and spend very little time as well as effort. Using the commercial lawn spreader in the off-season will help you spread salt on icy walkways and roads.

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